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Product Description:
Isopropanol 70% V/V
Alcohol based hygienic hand and skin disinfectant
Product information:
Ready to use solution for hygienic hand and skin
disinfection, for disinfection prior to injections.
Apply the undiluted solution. Keep moist for the entire
period of application.
1. Hygienic hand disinfection: Rub hands with at
least 3 ml ESEPT® for appropriate contact time.
Contact Time: 30 seconds.
2. Skin disinfection: Moisten the skin very well. For skin
with low concentrations of sebaceous glands: Contact
Time: 15 seconds prior to injections and punctures or
1 minute prior to injections and punctures of joints,
body cavities, hollow organs and before surgery
respectively. For skin with high concentrations
of sebaceous glands: Contact Time: 10 minutes
prior to all kinds of intervention.
Note: ESEPT® is not sporicidal and therefore
not applicable for the disinfection or storage of
sterile instruments and syringes.
Active ingredients:
100 g containing:
Isopropanol 63,10 g;
Distilled water 36,90 g.
Microbiological activity:
Bactericidal, yeasticidal, virucidal (Norovirus,
Adenovirus). Tested according to EN 1500.
Contraindications and side reaction:
Do not use for the disinfection of mucous membranes
and lesions.
Other Information:
Free from perfume and colorants.
VAH listed.
250 ml spray bottle
500/1000 ml dispenser bottle
5/10 liter canister

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