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About us

In late of 2010 a group of well established entrepreneurs in the Healthcare business in Sudan, as a specialized company to supply Medical Equipment & Consumables, Hospital Furniture, Laboratory Supplies and Pharmaceuticals. Each of these partners was a player in the healthcare business in one or more of its various segments. They were united by a common vision concerning the future of healthcare business in Sudan and the strong belief that only through this strategic alliance and the optimization of their financial and manpower resources will they be empowered to face the development in the marketplace due to the now stable political and economic situation. .

The owner of TVM:
Eng. Walied Hassan Bakhiet Has been working in GE Company, Esawtey and Medison company, and have experience about 15 years.

The main shareholders are eminent consultants in different disciplines of medical and management specialties. They are planning to do biggest private hospital in Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan.

TVM Strategies

To carry out the above functions, our specialized sales group is active throughout the country with representatives in all major cities. We have strong contacts in most public and private medical establishment and addition to International humanitarian aid organizations. We place strong emphasis on customer support; we follow our customers throughout their purchase, starting with need based product identification. Our Professional technical support team is made up of trained and experienced biomedical engineers which execute all installations and after sales technical assistance.

TVM Goals

Established under the Sudanese company act for the year 1925, MAW is aiming to become the market leader. We know that this is a task well within our reach. Our scope of work is on the following fields:
• Medical Equipment & Consumables Supplies.
• Hospital Furniture.
• Laboratories Supplies.
• Pharmaceuticals.

Some of our Clients